Residential Apartment

Location | Mermaid Beach, Queensland
Client | Matthews Property Group
Photographer | Scott Burrows
Services | Architecture, Design, Documentation
Zone is a medium density residential project comprising 64 two and three bedroom, mixed dwelling types in a 2-3 storey, row housing configuration located on both sides of a tree lined residential street.

The project forms a transition between the existing low density residential neighbourhood to the west and a busy commercial environment to the east. Positioning the built form close to the street edge reinforces the active ‘urban’ residential neighbourhood character leaving a generous amount of landscaped, recreational open space behind.

Apartment terraces are elevated above the street, providing privacy for residents while maintaining connectedness with the street. Street elevations are highly articulated and broken down into a series of vertical elements representing individual dwellings. The elevations vary in height and setback utilising a planar language of blade walls and cantilevered slabs.