UMW Headquarters

Location | Selangor, Malaysia
Client | UMW
Services | Master Planning, Architecture, Design
The design intent is to achieve an architecture of 'response' rather than an architecture of 'imposition'. An architecture which reinforces an appropriate sense of place, in response to the site context, its climate and local culture. Intrinsic aspects of any culture include 'place' and 'community'. This design aims to identify and promote a continuing 'sense of place'.

In its overally shape, massing and composition, the building form has been developed through a considered analysis of the project brief, together with the physical form, existing character, climatic conditions and envisaged potential for the future use. Through the composition of the building's form, the intentioin is to enhance and re-focus the existing local urban structure to facilitate the ongoing development of 'community'.

Both the tower and podium base have been considered as 3 dimensional forms in the urban pattern. The podium and tower's arrangement reinforces the important of the public realm and connection to the adjoining public train station through the 'U' Shape portraying UNITY.