The Surrounds Leisure Centre
Resorts and Leisure

Location: Helensvale, Queensland
Client:  Villawood Properties
Photographer: Andy Macpherson
The Surrounds Leisure Centre is located in the heart of the new Surrounds residential community. It provides a series of public and semipublic spaces for the use of the local neighborhood to create additional opportunities for local walkable neighborhood interactions.

Acting a key public building for The Surrounds the leisure center is a nexus for the community to come and meet both formally and in formally. Local residents can use the café and book the function room and other spaces for organised gatherings while the building design and uses provide opportunities for locals to have serendipitous moment of contact.

The form of the building is a response to the complex function and necessity to address the various public edges. The defining feature if this response is the folded roof element that gives the façade and strong rhythm that is reinforced by the simple raw palette of materials.