Residential townhouses with a cohesive modern character hug the curve of the internal road.

Tempus Estate
Residential Townhouse

Location | Mudgeeraba, Queensland
Client | Immerse Projects
Photographer | Andy Macpherson Services | Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Documentation
Tempus Residential Estate is a residential community featuring a range of six built form looks over six different building configurations to create 9 building types. Buildings have been carefully sited to respond to existing site levels, bushfire constraints, while preserving existing vegetation and the 30 meter setback from Wyangan Creek.

The homes have been designed to have a cohesive modern character where the expression and form of the buildings work in concert to create a light, clean, modern look with some traditional residential elements incorporated.

The dwellings hug the curve of the internal road and step with the contours of the site. This offers the resident a varied and changing visual experience as they move through the site.

The homes are positioned in a discrete pocket with existing bush land mostly hidden from view providing an opportunity to provide an enclave with its own character that takes some cues from its context.

Townhouses sited on either side of an internal road offer a modern architectural vernacular.

Aerial view of a modern townhouse development surrounded by dense landscaping.
Residential townhouses featuring a light, clean and modern look.