Pimpama Junction
Retail, Commercial

Location: Pimpama, Queensland
Client: Tipalea
Photographer: Scott Burrows
Pimpama Junction village has a memorable built form. On a simple and affordable base built form, strong and repetitive elements of coloured battens, tiles and textured tilt up panels provide texture, colour and interest. The striking architectural treatment of the building creates a landmark quality at the Dixon Drive/Yawalpah Road intersection and provides a reference point for the Pimpama area, facilitating way finding and legibility.

This project was designed to create a convenient retail destination for the Pimpama Local Area. The location and design of the centre provides an accessible and walkable retail centre for the emerging Pimpama locality.

The skilled work of Hutchinson’s Builders, UPS planning, Hyder consulting and other engineering consultants was key to delivering Tipalea’s vision of a publicly minded local shopping option for the Pimpama Area.