An artist's impression of a proposed tower in Coolangatta, showcasing its architectural design and potential impact on the urban landscape.

In Progress, Residential High Rise

Location | Coolangatta, Queensland
Client | BeckDev
Visualisation | Brandid
Services | Architecture, Design
Positioned on the former Jazzland site in Coolangatta, Palais aims to honour the historical significance of the Jazzland Dance Hall's cultural legacy. The residential tower and its podium have been thoughtfully designed to be recessed, allowing for the preservation and admiration of the iconic Art Deco facade constructed in 1928, which serves as the gateway to the dance hall.

To enhance the community's connection to the site and evoke memories of Jazzland, a public courtyard has been created within the current arcade space, extending the public realm into the site.

Consideration was given to colours, materials and facade choice to differientiate and separate the art deco facade from the proposed new building.

The design of the residential tower is focused on seamlessly incorporating the site's cultural history into a design that harmonises with its surroundings.

The tower's sculptural shape is divided into four quadrants, each adjusted to optimise views and respond to climatic conditions. Rooted in an understanding of the site's natural elements, a gracefully curved form has been developed, echoing the fluidity of the surrounding natural landscape. The soft, undulating edges give the facade a dynamic appearance that floats effortlessly above the existing heritage base.

Through considered analysis of the existing context and the envisaged potential of the redevelopment of the site, the design outcome will result in the addition of an elegant and visually interesting residential tower, which will provide considerable amenity for residents and visitors. This design respectfully demonstrates and celebrates the former cultural use of the site whilst creating a positive contribution to the local context.

A contemporary curved high rise proposed for Coolangatta, set over the art deco façade of the former Jazzland..Gracefully curved from of a modern high rise proposed for Coolangatta, sitting over the historical brickwork of Jazzland.