Artist's impression of a new residence styled in a modern interpretation of a traditional barn.

Mermaid House 189
In Progress, House

Location | Mermaid Beach, Queensland
Client | Confidential
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Design
The design concept for the Mermaid House 189 embodies a modern interpretation of a traditional barn aesthetic, carefully tailored to harmonise with its urban surroundings.

The structure's understated silhouette is enhanced by an enduring selection of materials, including timber battens, natural stone, and tinted concrete. This deliberate blend of elements culminates in a coastal residence that exudes depth and sophistication, promising to seamlessly integrate into its environment while evoking a timeless sense of charm.

Courtyard space of a new residence featuring modern furnishings and lush sub-tropical landscaping.
Rendering of a modern barn-style residence featuring a pool, cascading landscape and courtyard dining space.