Main Beach Residence
House, Interior Design

Location: Main Beach, Queensland
Client: Clifton Family
Photographer: Scott Burrows
This tower house accommodates an extended family on a small site which possesses stunning views of bushland, the ocean and the Broadwater. Containing 6 levels including a basement carpark, the house is articulated as two distinct forms.

The lower 3 floors are designed for a couple with young children and contains a living area on the upper level, bedrooms in the middle and a guest area and communal living space at ground level opening onto a private pool terrace. The upper form contains living and sleeping areas for two other family members.

All levels are connected by a stair and an elevator. Exterior modeling expresses the duality within the family makeup – independent yet connected. The grounded base is a 3 storey solid white concrete box whereas the upper component of the composition is a lighter zinc clad box balanced on one edge of the structure below, appearing as though about to depart. This commission was won in an Architectural competition.