Lavarack Rd Residences
In Progress, Residential Apartment

Location: Mermaid Beach, Queensland
Client: SK2 Property
Visualisation: Response Image
The design intention is to create a boutique multi-residential apartment building which achieves a high standard of architectural design, liveability and appropriate scale within the Mermaid Beach Precinct.

The ground plane is designed to enhance the prominent street corner at the intersection of Lavarack Road and Albatross Avenue. A new cafe tenancy is proposed on this corner to ensure the local character of the site is both protected and enhanced.

The exterior building form is articulated with a composition of horizontal and vertical architectural elements, being spandrel, screens and planters. The roof terrace is designed to create the feeling of lightness, framing the building top with a thin pergola and layers of planters. Oversized balconies are provided to extend the living areas with inter-connected

Large screens are provided on the eastern and western facades allowing for sun-shading and privacy. These operable elements animate the facades and provide flexibility for occupants to adjust their living spaces, and create a patterned facade.

The architecture portrays a coastal vernacular that respects the local context.