Residential High Rise

Location: Broadbeach, Queensland
Client: Bassar Group
Photographer: Scott Burrows
Considered as a tall single sculptural form, Infinity Tower has been designed to be viewed from all sides. Located in an established highrise precinct, it will sit comfortably with neighbouring towers and act as a marker for the southern end of Broadbeach. It offers a lively retail edge with a corner urban plaza at ground level.

The project's namesake 'Infinity' informed the tower's plan shape, integrating the symbol twice to achieve the tower form. Spatially this curvilinear shape wraps the rectangular apartment structure.

The overall building form consists of three primary elements: a 2 level landscaped podium base; 38 level tower with curved balcony edges; and a floating sculptural roof plane over rooftop landscaping.

The podium features a colourful patterning of sculptural vertical elements with secondary screening elements behind to effectively screen vehicles and services. The blue tones of the podium screen integrate with the clear, curving acrylic pool edge to create a distinctive water based thematic approach.

The tower is a slender curvilinear form of 38 levels sitting over a two level podium which features a colourful vertically striated external treatment. The exciting fluid tower will be an iconic defining development to energist this precinct of Broadbeach.

At the top, the tower is capped by a ‘floating’ horizontal roof base which appears to float over the landscape and service areas of the upper level.

The project offers a sophisticated design becoming sculptural signature building for southern Broadbeach.