Contemporary house in Indooroopilly featuring sub-tropical landscaping, natural stone and charred timber screening.

Indooroopilly House
In Progress, House

Location | Brisbane, Queensland
Client | Confidential
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Documentation
The proposed design presents a subtropical architectural style that prioritises openness, privacy, views, and natural ventilation.

Characterised by a minimalist and robust aesthetic, the architecture features cantilevered concrete frames and deep recessed overhangs, showcasing a textured and enduring material palette. This palette includes tiered planting, stone walls, coloured concrete, timber screening, and weatherboard panelling. Expansive glass pane windows are strategically incorporated to optimise panoramic views of the Brisbane city skyline.

Street view of a new residence showcasing cantilevered concrete frames and tiered planting.

Dense planting surrounds a modern residence with a sub-tropical architectural aesthetic.

Courtyard of the Indooroopilly House with connections to outdoor living and dining.