Evoke on Jefferson
In Progress, Residential Apartment

Location: Palm Beach, Queensland
Client: Emicon
Visualisation: Reality 3D
The enhancement of this part of the Palm Beach precinct is the underlying aim of the project. The building comprises an elegant architecture of a high standard of liveability and an appropriate scale, that is sensitive to its surrounding context.

Featuring half-floor, three-bedroom residences with luxurious amenities, Evoke on Jefferson is an exclusive collection of just 16 homes.

In its overall shape, massing and composition, the external form of the project has been developed through a considered analysis of the physical form, existing character, climatic conditions and envisaged potential for the site.

The exterior building form draws its inspiration from the subtropical design principles of contemporary coastal architecture on the Gold Coast, with its wrapping batten screening, softened curved edges and seperated form, with elevated planters rising up the building along the highway frontage.

The architecture of the proposal is tailored to the coastal, sub-tropical location of Palm Beach.