Paved and landscaped entrance into a Mediterranean architecture inspired home featuring an arched timber door.

El Nido

Location | Mermaid Waters, Queensland
Client | Confidential
Photography | Villa Styling
Services | Architecture, Design, Documentation
El Nido draws inspiration from a Mediterranean architectural style with a contemporary twist, centred around a landscaped courtyard.

The exterior features a combination of natural wood accents and white rendered walls, harmonising with abundant greenery. The interplay of gentle curves with modern design elements results in an elegant architectural composition.

Street view of Albatross House featuring a white rendered archway and batten screened gatehouse.
A Mediterranean architecture inspired home featuring white rendered arched entries and sub-tropical landscaping.
The central courtyard space of a luxury home featuring a large olive tree.An interior living space opens out onto a large central courtyard.
The arched interior entry of a luxury home opening out to the entry gatehouse, showcases the juxtaposition of the warm interior finishes to the clean white rendered exteriors.Levels of cascading landscaped with a pool in the background overlook the canal waterways.Rear view of a luxury home inspired by Mediterranean architecture, featuring a plunge pool and sub-tropical landscaping.Outdoor living space with modern furnishings overlooking the canal waterways.
A modern residence of white render, white batten screening and arched entry as viewed from the street.