Egerton Street
Residential Townhouse

Location | Southport, Queensland
Client | Roth Developments
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Design, Documentation
The buildings have been designed as a composition of interconnected elements in a traditional manner with contemporary architectural detailing. Materials and colours will be considered in response to the site context, identity and use of the site.

It is intended to maintain and enhance the special residential character of the sites by embracing a contemporary interpretation of the cottage character through the use of visible low pitch roofs, overhangs, porches and the light weight materials of weather boards and FC of the surrounding 1950’s and 1960’s cottages. The design provides a construction type and building form which is sympathetic to the cottage character but appropriate for the medium density type dwellings. The siting of the townhouses allows sufficient private open space around the townhouses to retain existing vegetation and recreation uses of the residents.

The architectural forms are articulated and modelled to create variety, visual interest, human scale and depth through the composition and detailing of the exterior envelope. This approach achieves a lively composition of building elements utilizing a traditional form fused with a contemporary aesthetic that is well integrated with its natural sub-tropical context.

The goal is to “retain the leafy character of this area” by protection the existing dense planting within the front setbacks. The retention of the large ghost gum on the site and the replanting of is root area with under story vegetation will maintain and green break in the frontage of approximately 1/3 of the site width from the east.