Crystal Valley Ski Lodge
Resorts and Leisure

Location | Porters, New Zealand
Client | Confidential
Visualisation | Michael Blazewicz
Services | Master Planning, Architecture, Design
Recognising the need to minimise human impact in the alpine landscape as well as provide shelter from the harsh mountain climate, the village has adopted the form of a compact ‘cluster’. Its organic thread like expansion from the centre is a natural response to growth in the mountainous terrain, which possesses limited area suitable for building on.

A distinctive and legible village structure which is unique, coherent and clear will increase the potential depth and intensity of experience for the visitor. A village which is clearly organised and strongly identified within its context will become a readily recognisable and memorable place. Strong image ability can be reinforced through clear visual identification and structuring of the built environment. Form qualities essential for achieving coherence include paths, place

The village is comprised of five distinctive components. The central area possesses the greatest concentration and contains commercial uses, visitor services and visitor accommodation. Adjacent medium density areas to either side include visitor services and visitor accommodation. The outer extremities of the village comprise low density areas containing individual residential chalets.