Street-front of two modern apartment buildings featuring light and dark elements to break up the building form.

Cienna Varsity Ridge
Residential Apartment, Mixed Use

Location | Varsity Lakes, Queensland
Client | Homecorp
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Documentation
Cienna Varsity Ridge presents the first stage of a meticulously master-planned community that will encompass four elegant buildings, architecturally designed to create a landmark development for Varsity Lakes.

The first release includes two towers, each with a range of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments offering an elevated lifestyle. With stunning views to the east, south & west, the buildings boast a modern design featuring projected frame elements and cantilevered balconies. Each tower is strategically positioned to ensure a dynamic facade, with colourful accents adding visual interest.

One of the Gold Coast’s first dedicated build-to-rent developments, this project will help to reinforce the developing character of the Varsity Lakes centre precinct.

Provision of centrally located private pool and recreation facilities, and maintainable generous deep planting landscape zones for trees provide excellent landscape amenity and improve the micro-climate for the apartment buildings.

The development includes retail tenancies and a community space on the Main Street frontage with generous terraces allowing activation of the street frontage. These spaces permit a cafe, small retail opportunity or community space at street level with pedestrian access to the street, visitor parking and the building entries. The spaces have been designed to be flexible so that the uses can evolve over time.

Communal rooftop pool at the Cienna Varsity Ridge apartments surrounding by large palm trees.

A bustling ground level café surrounded by lush sub-tropical landscaping.

A generous communal living and kitchen space located within a modern apartment complex.
Street view of the Cienna apartments - a new architecturally designed apartment building in Varsity Lakes.

A grassed open space with pedestrian link between two apartment buildings.
Generous landscaping surrounding the entrance to a modern apartment complex.A woman walks through the landscaped open space of a contemporary apartment complex..
Generous landscaping and outdoor seating at the base of a new apartment building in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.