Capri House
In Progress, House

Location |  Isle of Capri, Queensland
Client | Confidential
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Design
The design proposal focuses on creating a timeless architectural vernacular which respects its surrounding context, and generates an appropriate scale on the site.

The architecture of the proposed development is minimal and hard-lined, with sweeping concrete frames and deep recessed overhangs.
A textured and timeless material palette is expressed by elements such as natural stone, rendered concrete, timber look cladding, shiplap paneling, further emphasised by layers of screening and vegetation.

Living spaces are arranged to engage with a series of courtyards used for either recreation or relaxation. Large glass pane windows maximise view corridors to the waterway, allowing in natural light whilst promoting cross ventilation through the building.

A distinct sub-tropical form defines the composition of this new residence.