Residential Apartment

Location | Chevron Island, Queensland
Client | Macquarie York
Services | Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Documentation

The aim for the development, located within walking distance of Chevron Island’s Neighbourhood Retail Centre and in the geographical centre of the Chevron Island precinct, was to create an interesting and recognisable building form, especially when viewed from the street corner of Dalpura and Burra Street.

The new building will compliment the Chevron Island skyline and establish a distinct landmark within the precinct.

The building form has been divided into three main building elements; the tower base including the activated ground floor; the recessed tower top and the building crown.

The two tower volumes have been further sculpted into a series of building elements that are offset to each other. Each building element is distinctly articulated in its form and its materialisation.

When moving through the streetscape, the appearance to the built form is constantly changing, creating an interesting composition of elements.