Oak Avenue Tower
In Progress, Residential High Rise

Location | Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Client | Sculpt Studios
Visualisation | Response Image
Services | Architecture, Design
The Oak & Birt Avenue building is envisaged to set a new benchmark for permanent residential architecture in Surfers Paradise. The design of this residential tower creates a striking sculptural addition to the emerging skyline of this northern Surfers Paradise tower precinct.

The 20 level core structure features offset balcony treatments to create ‘movement’ in the building, and a distinctive sculptural architectural character.

The tower is composed in a non-conventional manner with the landscaped recreation level located at Level 9, dividing the building into lower and upper residential components, which reflect different apartment layers. Lower levels include 4 apartments per floor and the upper component includes three larger apartments per floor, with the building capped by two two-level penthouses.

The building developer, Sculpt Studios, specialises in the design and construction of sculptural and artistic installations. Externally, this building will feature as a sculptural piece. Internally, the high volume of the lobby space will be treated as a dramatic internal sculptural opportunity to create a remarkable arrival experience.