Capital Court
In Progress, Residential Apartment

Location: Varsity Lakes, Queensland
Client: Homecorp
Visualisation: Response Image
Located at the corner of University Drive and Main Street, this building will help to reinforce the developing character of the Varsity Lakes centre precinct. The proposed buildings take advantage of this ideal location for apartment living with views to the east, south and west and provide a built form arrangement that provides a generous interface with its neighbours.

The proposal is for 4 separate buildings that are modulated by projected frame elements playing against cantilevered balcony sections against a glazed, recessed and darker core form. The projected elements vary around a typical tower element that is then positioned so that repeat facade elements are not placed together in elevation when viewed from a single location. This facade variation is amplified through the use of key coloured elements to assist in the building differentiation.

Provision of high value centrally located private pool and recreation facilities, and maintainable generous deep planting landscape zones for trees provide excellent landscape amenity and improve the micro-climate for the apartment buildings.

The proposal includes retail tenancies and a community space on the Main Street Frontage with generous terraces allowing activation of the street frontage. These spaces permit a cafe, small retail opportunity or community space at street level with pedestrian access to the street, visitor parking and the building entries. These spaces have been designed to be flexible so that the uses of these spaces can evolve over time.