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Yancheng Underground Retail Shopping Centre
Yancheng, China 

The proposed underground street comprises a pedestrian spine lined with shops running for approximately 1800m below Jian Jun Road, from the Jian Jun Road intersection to the Ren Ming Road intersection. This ‘street’ gives underground pedestrian access below Xiao Hai Road, providing a unique shopping and dining experience with good connections to above ground and to adjacent retail sites below ground via stairs lifts and travelators.Along its length of street intersection, the ‘street’ is punctuated by a series of nodes, which will become important gathering and meeting places. These nodes are connected physically and visually to ground level and the sky overhead admitting sun and natural light down into the underground environment. The largest and central node is located at the major crossing point of Jie Fang Zhong Road, the principal BRT route through the city centre.At this point the underground street is two levels in depth and is visually connected to the proposed relocated BRT Station above via a spacious void crowned by a large curved, steel framed and glazed roof structure.At ground level, the existing street is proposed to be re-landscaped utilizing new street trees and low planting including fountains, new plazas, new paving and new way-finding signage.

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