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Wuhu Underground Retail Shopping Centre
Wuhu, Anhui China

The Wuhu proposal consists of a new public open space and retail experience on a key site in the centre of the city. The design intent is to create a new retail experience that has a unique public open space experience and integration with the existing Zheshan Park.

The proposal establishes a gateway architectural presence on Yinghu South Street entrance. A key factor is to contribute to the enhancement of the public realm by way of connections to the neighboring residential development to the north and integration with the heavily utilized park to the south. The primarily design intent is to bring the surrounding mountains and parkland into the site, to be one with each other. The building is perceived as a fluid natural landscape form rather than the traditional enclosed artificial retail environment above ground.

The design principle is to create an enduring flow with a retail experience and roof top park. The roof top park is an extension of the Zheshan Park; the park has been brought into the site to reinforce the relationship. The city of Wuhu is predominantly rivers and lakes set in natural landscape scenery and sunshine. The idea is to create a free flowing form like the river, the free flowing form of the lake has been bought into the site and symbolically used as the diagram of the site.

The rooftop is unique in nature and allows patrons to wander and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery. The meandering nature of the roof top park wraps wraps down from the front to the rear of the site around the central plaza. The building endeavors to blend with the context to be perceived as one with its natural setting.

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