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Serenity Cove Resort
Sime Darby
Serenity Cove, Queensland

Sited on the narrow isthmus between Lake Serenity and Lake Coombabah, the building form is an open U shape facing north onto Lake Serenity. Its plan form is articulated as four continuous angled wings organized by a north/south axis which controls and orientates the entrance sequence. The building’s four storey massing reinforces the form, massing and scale of the adjacent waterfront village centre, continuing this building form eastwards along the isthmus. The sinuous, extruded form of the resort apartment building snakes away from the water’s edge as it extends eastwards to embrace resort gardens and pools on the lakefront.

120 apartments are proposed in a four storey building located alongside the proposed waterfront Village Centre, Stage 1 of which is under construction. The apartment mix comprises: 31 x 1 bed apartments, 75 x 2 bed twin key apartments, 14 x 3 bed twin key apartments.

The contemporary architectural language refers to traditional Malay building forms, reinforcing the project theme which is based on the luxuriant tropical gardens of Malaysia. This architectural language also reflects the traditional, tropical Australian houseform known locally as the ‘Queenslander’, which has developed with colonial influences in response to similar hot humid conditions with heavy rainfall.


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