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Pu-Lih Resort
Pao Tai Development Enterprise Co. Ltd
Pu-lih, Taiwan

Pu-lih resort occupies an auspicious, high profile site located in central Taiwan. The 44 hectare site is elevated within a large basin surrounded by mountains on all sides. It falls gently towards the south east and overlooks the meandering river and Pu-lih town in the distance.  The design concept envisages 3 resort hotels containing a total of 650 beds, a shopping centre and an ecological park organized about a central axis, in a luxuriant garden environment interspersed with flowing water in the form of waterfalls, streams, fountains and a small lake. The hotels, together with associated restaurants and retail space, are located to reinforce the axial structure of the design which is based on a main street, a central square and a waterfront promenade, creating a series of unique and memorable places.

Entry to the site is from the north past the Chung Tai Temple via a wide tree lined boulevard which leads to a large landscaped central roundabout. All principal site facilities are comprehendible and accessible from this roundabout. From this point roads lead to each of the Hotels and to the Ecological Park.

The 5 star hotel is elevated on the higher slope overlooking the remainder of the site and the valley below. It comprises two linear wings which meander across the site contours allowing every room a distant view. This hotel also contains a cluster of villas, some of which are single and in pairs. Others include multi level accommodation. The 3-4 star and group hotels are centrally located on an island surrounded by water. Each hotel opens out through landscaped gardens containing pools and terraces to views of the wider landscape and mountains beyond.


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