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Pegasus Design Competition

Rising to 63 levels above the street and completing a trilogy of towers, this proposed new tower will become the tallest structure in Broadbeach.

Through careful consideration of the existing buildings and the wider context, this design approach has resulted in the addition of a striking, sculptural glass tower, which is respectful to the existing buildings and will provide a balanced composition of three residential towers for Meriton Serviced Apartments in Broadbeach.

The proposed tower comprises a dynamic, asymmetrical, sculptural composition of interpenetrating angled plan forms. A crystalline glazed element, which appears through some of the lower levels, re-emerges at the top to form the building’s crown. Uppermost levels of the plan step in from the typical footprint, further fragmenting the regularity of the form and accentuating the height. Angled shapes in the plan correspond with the angles of the balconies on the existing buildings.

Together with the new addition, the three towers are organized around a common east/west axis and when read as a whole they will appear as a dynamic composition of three closely related sculptural forms, rising progressively in height towards the northeast.

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