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Mermaid Beach
Matthews Property Group
Mermaid Beach, Queensland

Sited on the busy Gold Coast Highway, this project contains a balanced mix of uses including residential, retail, restaurant, medical and offices. Its composition of compact building forms, capped by a large floating roof over a dramatic opening through the building mass offers a contemporary revitalisation of the existing highway commercial strip building format. This approach strengthens the ‘urban corridor’ of the Gold Coast Highway supporting higher density and higher occupancy. Following a ‘perimeter block’ configuration, the built form reinforces the street edges enclosing a large landscaped court at first floor level. Individual building masses are varied in height, stepping down from the south east towards the north west allowing sun and light into the centre of the site while maximising privacy and outlook from the apartments. Commercial uses are located on the busy highway frontage on the eastern side of the site. Residential uses occupy the western side, adjacent to existing residential development. In both use and scale this proposal forms a transition between the existing highway commercial uses and the medium to low density residential uses to the west.

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