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Marriott Vacation Club Refurbishment

BDA were engaged to refurbish an existing hotel in south-east Queensland. The Interior Concept for the project is based primarily on the Australian Experience. Bright sandy beaches, tropical seascapes, dense canopied rainforests and desert lands are captured using strong saturated colours, natural weathered materials and textured woven fabrics.

The concept was to provide varying themes throughout the hotel which provided a series of different experiences. A coastal theme was chosen for the lobby spaces to create a light, calm and relaxed atmosphere on arrival. A botanical theme allowed a sense of nature and the peace of the Australian bushland while dining at the restaurants. An arid theme was applied to the recreation area to capture the essence of the outback with its organic forms and vibrant colours.

The design aim was to “clean up” the existing interior architecture creating clear legible spaces with simple detailing and rich materials.

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