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Marina Point
Neumann Group
Hope Island, Queensland

Marina Point is located at the “point of convergence” between the north and south channels of the Hope Island canal. Seven buildings ranging in height from 3 to 9 storeys are located to reinforce the urban structure of the street network and the waterfront edge. Conceptually this design extends the boulevard of Grant Avenue towards the eastern waterfront of the island. It locates a public plaza at this junction with the waterfront. It extends the view shaft of View Line Terrace to the waterway and includes waterfront public open space along the northern edge of this street. It continues the public pedestrian boardwalk around the perimeter of the site and maintains grade separation between public and private uses on the boardwalk and on the streets. Recognising landmark opportunities, it strengthens the urban fabric through the placement of iconic buildings in key locations. Individual buildings contain a total of 188 residential apartments over basement car parking and incorporate a small component of retail space at ground level. Building depth is minimised, allowing apartments to be dual aspect and thereby benefit from natural through ventilation while maximising opportunities for views, sunlight and shelter from prevailing breezes.  This approach ensures the majority of apartments enjoy water views and sunlight without being compromised where they have a predominantly southerly aspect. Multiple building entrances accessed directly off the street promote vibrant and dynamic public streets.  At ground level, individual building lobbies are dual aspect permitting access from both side of each building.

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