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Gold Coast Cultural and Civic Precinct

The Cultural and Civic precinct is designed to serve the wider community. It provides a unique opportunity for performance, arts and civic functions. The concept proposal is to create a central ‘heart’ with varying uses surrounding this square, promoting activity. The Gold Coast has always been a popular tourist destination for its sun, sand and surf. We want to create a new civic heart that is an important public space.

The proposed building forms are contained around the civic square, encouraging activity. Three linear forms of varying lengths are placed adjacent to each other, almost touching, at their mid points. These three forms are a response to the contours of the flood plain that have washed away over the years. The lower levels provide an open circulation between the three uses, gallery, museum & civic centre, promoting interaction between the disciplines and activity to the edge of the civic square. The design concept reflects the parallel development of each use while promoting interaction between each use.

Video link below:

Gold Coast Cultural and Civic Precinct Video

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