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Bliss on Chevron
HWI Saltwater Holdings
Chevron Island, Queensland

The revitalization and enhancement of this part of the city is an underlying aim of this project, which comprises a new 28 storey residential tower placed above a 2 storey, retail and recreational podium, both of which embrace a new public plaza on the corner of Thomas Drive and Darrambal Street.

In addition to creating considerable amenity for its residents and for visitors to the site’s facilities, the proposed development is intended to provide a readily identifiable and memorable landmark for those visiting or transiting Chevron Island.

In its overall shape, massing and composition, the building form has been developed through a considered analysis of the project brief together with the physical form, existing character, climatic conditions and envisaged potential for the future use of this part of the city.

The design intent here is to achieve an architecture of ‘response’ rather than an architecture of ‘imposition’, an architecture which reinforces an appropriate sense of place, having been developed in response to the site context, its coastal climate and local culture.

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